Welcome to VietNam

Firstly, welcome and thank you for visiting my blog !Many people ( the foreigners ) know about Vietnam through the wars. However, Vietnam has a long history of culture, more than thousands of years, Vietnam is one of the cradle of the mankind civilizations in the world. Vietnam has an amazing history, from the start untill now, had exprienced harsh trials. Our forbears had to fight to against the invasions from oversea to protect the loveabled Vietnam. Futhermore, Vietnamese people are very friendly and love the peace. Vietnam also has the beauty of nature, the sea with the long beaches, the imposing moutains, the tropical forests, many rivers and the fat deltas,…Definitely, Vietnam has many charms you could dicover beside the wars. I am proud to be a Vietnamese.I wish everybody in the world could know about my beautiful country more and more.So i’m glad when you visited and read the lines.Are you ready travel to VietNam with my blog ?


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