The reason for a love

A girl asks her boyfriend:
-Why I love you?
-Why do you ask that, did you find reasons instead! – Boy replies
-There is no reason he does not love you
-I can not be deduced as
-But your boyfriend, I always let her know why he loves her
-Well, I love you because you beautiful, good Giang, agile. I love you because your smile, because
my optimism. I love you because you are always interested in others
She feels very happy

A few weeks later she encountered a terrible accident, but fortunately she was still alive. Suddenly she became upset because she felt useless. Several days after recovery she received a letter from her boyfriend
“Hello dear
I love you because you beautiful. Then the scar on my eyes now I can not love you anymore
I love you because you now have good giang but do nothing. So he can not love you
I love you because you are real quick but I was sitting in a wheelchair. This is not the reason that he can love you
I love you because of your smile. Now he can not love me anymore because I always grimace, groan
I love you because you cared about other people but now people do not care about you too much. You should not love you anymore
That there is nothing I love you so I should feel that he still loved me. Do you need any more reasons not love
She cried out and make sure she does not need a reason anymore. But you have never asked why their loved ones they love you? Sometimes love is not necessarily where you need a reason